Running (steps) with a friend

Stuart inspired me to post. i showed him the video i had taken of myself and he immediately asked to meet me the next morning to give it a try.

So i posted it. I matched the video and the song i was running to - and that was it.

Then Maureen saw the post.

Now she wants to try it. and she has a friend who is a choreographer and teaches dance-fitness at a gym. she is going to show it to her.

and I'm going step running with Maureen.

All in 24 hours.

I actually thought it would take me a few weeks or even months and tons of video before anyone started checking this out.

and I have tons to post. Stuart helped me identify all the things i need to point out to someone just starting out. so i will definitely do that.

i also want to get into a conversation with YOU about what songs work best. That is certainly its own post.

The song in that video is Linkin Park: Somewhere I Belong

It's old but I've been Running Steps to it for a few years. the beat is great. I will post one tomorrow of another song i like by Boomkat (that cute actress Taryn Manning's band) called The Wreckoning. That song kicked Stuart's butt today. We were both wearing heart rate monitors and that song knocked me into the 178 range.

Thanks Maureen for contacting me and for posting your comment. This is more fun than i would have expected.

Just like Mel said on the show today [] all it takes is baby steps. Baby Step Running is my new motto.

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