Join my Step Running Group

this blog was the first iteration.
and i think it is time to move on.
i want people to be able to share their videos -
and Maureen inspired me -
so i set up shop over at:
it's a social networking site, kinda like a facebook or myspace
but you can set it up around anything you want
so i made a group for step running
check it out
up load your videos!

Songs to Run (steps) to

Linkin Park: Somewhere I Belong
i have to admit - George Michael: Monkey
Limp Bizkit: My Way (i prefer the P. Diddy remix)
(hed) pe: Suck It Up
Saliva: Click Click Boom
Silvertide: S.F.C.
Methods of Mayhem: Get Naked
Buckcherry: Crazy Bitch
boomkat: the wreckoning
(this has a faster pace. i posted a snippet below)

and TELL ME GOOD SONGS PLEASE! i have played these clean out!

Running (steps) with a friend

Stuart inspired me to post. i showed him the video i had taken of myself and he immediately asked to meet me the next morning to give it a try.

So i posted it. I matched the video and the song i was running to - and that was it.

Then Maureen saw the post.

Now she wants to try it. and she has a friend who is a choreographer and teaches dance-fitness at a gym. she is going to show it to her.

and I'm going step running with Maureen.

All in 24 hours.

I actually thought it would take me a few weeks or even months and tons of video before anyone started checking this out.

and I have tons to post. Stuart helped me identify all the things i need to point out to someone just starting out. so i will definitely do that.

i also want to get into a conversation with YOU about what songs work best. That is certainly its own post.

The song in that video is Linkin Park: Somewhere I Belong

It's old but I've been Running Steps to it for a few years. the beat is great. I will post one tomorrow of another song i like by Boomkat (that cute actress Taryn Manning's band) called The Wreckoning. That song kicked Stuart's butt today. We were both wearing heart rate monitors and that song knocked me into the 178 range.

Thanks Maureen for contacting me and for posting your comment. This is more fun than i would have expected.

Just like Mel said on the show today [] all it takes is baby steps. Baby Step Running is my new motto.

About Running Steps

I run. with an iPod.
I'm always on the lookout for something to do other than simply jogging.

so i thought i'd run up and down some stairs. I heard that was good for you.
and that's how THIS started.

I just started running to the beat. and moving from different steps as the beat changed.
it really gives you something to focus on. it became like dancing and quickly became an obsession of mine - not to mention i lost tons of weight.

fast forward a few years
and i realize i have some basic steps i do, about five or six or so,
i'm not a dancer, so i don't really know how to write about them

but i wanted to share this idea of Step Running and get YOUR feedback.
I want YOU to try it. and i want you to teach tell me about your style, your steps, your songs.

Here is my first video. It blows and doesn't really make it look all that fun but try it. it is.
and let me know how it goes. Upload your videos or comments or questions.

I'll post some moves of mine soon in case this isn't enough to get you started on your own.