About Running Steps

I run. with an iPod.
I'm always on the lookout for something to do other than simply jogging.

so i thought i'd run up and down some stairs. I heard that was good for you.
and that's how THIS started.

I just started running to the beat. and moving from different steps as the beat changed.
it really gives you something to focus on. it became like dancing and quickly became an obsession of mine - not to mention i lost tons of weight.

fast forward a few years
and i realize i have some basic steps i do, about five or six or so,
i'm not a dancer, so i don't really know how to write about them

but i wanted to share this idea of Step Running and get YOUR feedback.
I want YOU to try it. and i want you to teach tell me about your style, your steps, your songs.

Here is my first video. It blows and doesn't really make it look all that fun but try it. it is.
and let me know how it goes. Upload your videos or comments or questions.

I'll post some moves of mine soon in case this isn't enough to get you started on your own.


Maureen White said...

Move over stair master...It's time for Step Running! This is so cool. I can't wait to try it.

I want to see a step running world tour. On the Spanish Steps in Rome, St. Paul's cathedral in London, the base of the Great Wall of China...

Anonymous said...

Really looks like a blast, especially on more stairs, so you can go up and down and across, yeehaw. Your video and your moves do seem to really work with the chosen song. Does it work with any song or do you find the groove you get on is really a function of the type of tune/beat?

Anonymous said...

It's me Lara. I think you need to post a routine for people to follow.

And smile when you are on camera.